While everyone was scrambling at the parks, the set up team was hard at work to get everything ready for the main event later that evening:

Here are some of the prizes that were being awarded:

The First Place trophy was a thing of beauty!

There were two food trucks in attendance to feed the hungry masses and I took it upon myself to make sure the food was up to par! 😉 First up was the Chomp Chomp Nation Truck serving up Singapore fusion food.

The “Hot Dog” was served with tiger slaw and taro chips. It was pretty messy and difficult to eat but tasty nonetheless:

Here are the Singapore Sling Wings:

The steak sandwich was delicious but I wish there was more. I finished it in a few bites!

The steak tots were a big hit. You get a lot more food for your buck:

The Singapore Smore was my favorite item of the night by far! I ordered 2 if that’s any indication! The combination of the Nutella and sweet coconut spread was just perfect for my sweet tooth.

The Bacon Mania truck returned this year, but by the time they arrived I was pretty full. I managed to order a Grilled Cheese Sandwich just for you all! And just to be clear, it was delicious.

The Force is strong with these hosts:

The Main Event was a great success!

Congratulations to MiceChat.com and all the participants for another great Rally! See you all next year!

HoJo’s “Team Tommy”!

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