It’s more than an app, and you’ll see why. Imagine holding in your hand the key to the wait times on all of the rides, pics and updates LIVE from around the parks, fun community message boards, live feed of the fabulous HoJo Mattercam and so much more.  It’s all here for you in this ingenious little app created by a local techy, entrepreneur, keen Disney enthusiast and friend of the HoJo. His creation has become the number one most downloaded Disneyland app for both iPhone and Android. An amazing feat which only comes to those on the cutting edge and with a unique sense of what people want. Bravo MouseWait!

Now this is all well and good for those of you within the U.S. who have automatic connection on your mobile device to a cell network and thus the internet. You’ll be fine wandering around the parks keeping in touch on MouseWait. But for a large segment of HoJo guests, you will be visiting from overseas or Canada and you may be only able to use Wi-Fi to access the internet on your phone. Unfortunately you will only be able to use MouseWait while at the HoJo or while at/near one of the Disney hotel properties but not inside the two parks. There is no Wi-Fi access in the parks (as yet?). BUT if you feel this tool will be a big use to you and your family, we recommend talking to your local provider and looking into a special international plan so you can use your mobile device while at the Disney parks. What is is worth to you to have the wait times in your hand? Think about how efficient your time at the park then becomes! Are you a collector? Some community members on MouseWait often swap or give away excess collectibles or just fun Disney items that you may absolutely want. Keep this in mind as you plan your trip; the hours you save, the friends you’ll make and the fun you’ll have with MouseWait may be worth the roaming charges that you negotiate with your provider.

As you InnSiders know, HoJo has a love of all things Disney, has a retro history as an original Disneyland neighbor and is a champion of the greater Mouse community. This made our partnership with MouseWait a natural fit. We can’t wait to see where they go from here and we’ll be with them all along the way. See you on the boards and in the parks! 🙂

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