Let’s start with the Front desk shall we? As soon as you enter the lobby, you may spot a bunch of misfits – besides the Front Desk staff that is 😉 We have a beautiful diorama set up with Santa, Rudolph, The Abominable Snowman, and Charlie-in-the-box!


The groundskeepers at our hotel are some of the best in town and when you walk around the property, you will definitely see why. No matter what the season, the plants look immaculate, but during the holidays, they look extra special. The Poinsettias spread all throughout the property just look amazing!

Now for our centerpiece! The Hotel went all out this year and we have a beautiful 20-foot Christmas Tree right outside our lobby. Our General Manager took charge of decorating and setting up this masterpiece of holiday cheer. We do apologize in advance to all those looking for giant ornaments around the greater Anaheim area because I think we may have bought them all! What sets this tree apart from most trees, besides its size, is the fact that it plays music! This is something you really have to see in person! The lights dance in perfect time to the song that’s playing, and it looks even better at night.

That’s it for now, and Happy Holidays to everyone! Hope to see you all this season!

Tommy the Elf



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