The signage and the decorations look great inside and outside. The imagineers really took their time in paying attention to little details. They have miniatures in glass cases and paintings on the wall to look at while you’re in line waiting to order.

Before you step outside, you can see cutout silhouettes of Jane Banks, Michael Banks and Mary Poppins. Seating is outside right along Main Street so you get a good view if you’re a people watcher like me =)

The menu primarily consists of sandwiches, but they have soup and salad as well. Apart from the menu items, they also had deserts and pastries available. Most of these, however, can be found at other places in the park so I exercised control and didn’t go on a sugar binge.

I tried the Hot Angus Roast Beef on a Toasted Onion Roll for 9.69. I’m sad to say that the sandwich was very dry. It wasn’t bad but it definitely could be better. There are some other things on the menu that intrigue me so I will be back, but I’m sure there are other places to review until then. Hope to see you in the parks soon!

Tommy (practically perfect in every way)

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