Here are some pictures of the food offerings they have specifically for this event:

The characters are in costume for the season as well. Here’s Mickey with a photo-op:

Over by the Bandstand, Los Campos de la Banda plays their rendition of Christmas songs:

The Street Party is not a Parade in a traditional sense, so depending on where you stand, you may not get a perfect view of the stage. The performers try to move around and interact with everyone, but the main stage stays in the same place after it gets into position, as I found out the hard way. 🙂 It was still a ton of fun hearing the music and seeing the performers wherever you are. INNSIDER TIP: try to stay in the area between Jumpin’ Jellyfish and Silly Symphony Swings facing away from the water for the best viewing experience. Donald Duck along with Panchito and Jose Carioca host the party that features music from Mexico and Brazil. Panchito starts off the party with some mariachi music:

Jose Carioca gets his turn as samba music starts playing and adds a different flavor to the show:

The music switches back and forth a couple of times then Mickey and Minnie join in followed by a 12-foot tall puppet of Santa:

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See you all next time! Feliz Navidad everyone!

Tio Tommy

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