First up is the Jungle Handbook for River Navigation. After completing this quest, you will receive the Piran-HaHaHa Juju. Your mission is to deliver a joke over a PA system. Don’t worry the skippers are real helpful and friendly. You can hop on board the Jungle Cruise for some inspiration or just find the skipper at the exit of the ride to tell your joke. If you’re shy, you might just be able to tell the skipper your joke directly.

Jungle Cruise

Backside of Water


Next up is The Bird Call. This publication is in need of talent scouts to look for different types of birds. Your mission is to take pictures of 5 different types of birds and show it to the Tiki Room host. Once you complete your quest, you will earn the Tiki Bird Juju.

Bird Call

Tiki Bird

The third quest tests your tracking skills. You will get a newspaper called the Daily Gnus with clues to finding a lost shipment of jujus. There is a lot of material on the newspaper and Disney put a lot of effort into writing this publication. I won’t go into detail about the clue or where to find the lost shipment, but once you track it down, you will be rewarded with the Elephant Juju.

Daily Gnus

Elephant Juju Box


The fourth quest is the Lost Delta Archaeological Expedition. This was the most involved out of the bunch and has you going across all of Adventureland to find clues. You will receive a map with a location of a tablet to help decode a message. This clue leads to another clue and in the end, you will be rewarded with the Eye of Mara Juju. Sorry for being vague but I didn’t want to spoil it for any adventurers out there!

Lost Delta

The Eye of Mara is in one of those openings…reach in if you dare!

Eye of Mara box

Eye of Mara

Besides the quests, there are two jujus that you can buy outright. The Crocodile Tooth Juju and the Treehouse Juju. It’s not really a quest but if you take the Treehouse Juju to the bottom of Tarzan’s Treehouse, there’s some places where you can “make magic happen”. Give it a try and see what happens!

Alligator Tooth


Treehouse Rock

Treehouse Juju In Rock

That’s not all folks! There are a couple more of these artifacts that come with a food/beverage purchase. First we have the Pineapple Juju that comes with the “This Side Up” Pineapple Parfait. You can purchase this at Tropical Imports


Pineapple solo

The next one is the Snake Juju that you can get by purchasing the Venomade at Bengal Barbecue. This drink is pretty tasty especially on a hot day.



Finally, the last Juju is probably the toughest to get, but may be the most rewarding. To begin, you must ask for a telegram from Trader Sam. He will send you on a quest to find the missing ingredients for his Juju Juice. These ingredients can be found in Adventureland, but in order to get the drink, you have to make the trek to Trader Sam’s in the Disneyland Hotel and tell them the ingredients. My Adventure Guide told me that if you pay extra, the bartenders can make the drink extra special! 😉 With this completed, you will receive the Tiki Mask Juju and will complete your epic quest to get them all!

Juju Juice

Tiki Telegram

Tiki Head

The cost for each of the Juju are $5 each and the last three that are tied to a food or beverage purchase are $7.50. I was told that they are doing this for a limited time only so if you want to pick any or all of them up, I suggest you do it this month! That would be it for now. See you next time!

Trader Tommy


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