The Mad T Party seems to have a much broader appeal than its predecessor. There is an unmistakable party atmosphere with the decor and all the show elements Disney included. Your journey to the Mad T Party begins down The Rabbit Hole. This portal sprays a gentle mist on guests as they walk by. I’m sure this mist is fine during warm summer nights, but the walkway gets very slippery. I hope they make some adjustments come June 15:

You are greeted by Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, who are much nicer than they look:

There is a Band that performs on the Main Stage throughout the night, and each band member is based on a character from the movie. The music selection is a mix of 70s, 80s, and 90s hits, which always goes over well with the crowd. The lead singer is, of course, the Mad Hatter:

Alice makes an appearance as well:

After the band does their set, The White Rabbit DJ takes the stage and plays more current dance tracks. It looks like they are using the same DJs as they did for ElecTRONica, which is a relief, because they were all great!

It wouldn’t be a Tea Party without drinks right?

There are nice souvenir cups available for purchase:

Here is the Drink Menu:

At the other end of the T Party is the House of Cards Stage:

There were flamingos walking around the party:

One of the most memorable performances of the night has to be this slinky thing. I’m not quite sure what to think of it, but you have to see this thing in action. It’s different to say the least, but it seems to fit right in here:

Behind the Stage is the Mad Arcade:

The games are all Alice themed, and it gives guests even more to do during the Mad T Party:

All this dancing and walking around can get tiring, so it was a good thing they had furniture to sit on. 🙂

My overall impression of the Mad T Party was positive. There might be some little things they have to iron out before the grand opening, but it’s definitely worth going to. With Cars Land set to attract the majority of park guests this summer, the Mad T Party should be a nice escape from the 2-3 hour lines in Radiator Springs.

See you down the Rabbit Hole!


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