Disney wanted to see how the show would look like if every single person in the audience was wearing the ears, and it was a generous of them to open it up to passholders and give them free ears. It almost made people forget that they hiked up the ticket prices…almost. 🙂 I must say that the show with the ears is an amazing experience. I’m glad that I’ve seen World of Color plenty of times so I can take in the added experience of the ears on their own because honestly, that was the only thing I was looking at when the show started. I’m sure after this weekend, more and more people will buy and wear the ears to this show because of how it takes an already great show to another level. Here is a picture of the viewing area near Little Mermaid before the show started:

This view is from the bridge, my personal favorite view if you’re just there to watch the ears 🙂

When the show started, my jaw dropped at how amazing the show was! I was expecting the ears to do a simple on/off program with the music, but it was even better than that! It’s hard to tell from the pictures but the ear hats were lighting up in sequences that had had the audience in awe trying to figure out, “How did they do that?”

There were some parts of the show where ears had different colors on at the same time:

The glow ears are meant to be an enhancement to the show and not the show itself, so there are also parts where the lights were not on:

For the show’s Wall-E segment, the lights made the audience look like stars out in space. Only a certain number of hats were on and of those hats, only one ear was lit, showing the degree of control they had with these lights

Here are some more shots of the audience

Even the new Brave segment got the light treatment

On the way out, everyone was funneled out through the same route and the ears were still glowing

Speaking to a Cast Member, it turns out that these aren’t powered entirely by pixie dust. They also have radio transmitters above the seating area that send out the appropriate signals to each hat, which partly explains all those cool effects they can do. They also have these transmitters all throughout the park, so the ears are able to interact with other areas in the park! Here are some of the spots I’ve seen for myself: At the Cozy Cone Motel, each ear blinks orange similar to turn signals. Over at Luigi’s the ears alternate colors between red, white, and green like the Italian flag. Finally, at the Mad T Party, the ear hats sync with the White Rabbit DJ’s music! What’s even better is that they shut off automatically when the ears are inside a dark ride. The possibilities are endless and there rumors about adding this element to Fantasmic or the Fireworks! How cool would that be? In any case, the Glow With The Show event was a big hit for me, and I’m sure that many Passholders will agree. Here’s a little bonus for everyone still reading this article. Below I have a short clip of the coolest segment of the whole show in my humble opinion, which was the Aladdin part.

Enjoy and see you next time!


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