You can find Thumper by some bushes to the right of “It’s A Small World”:

Small World

The White Rabbit is hiding in front of the Matterhorn entrance:


Donald Duck is right by the Briar Patch sign in Critter Country:

Briar Patch

Mr. Toad is in a tree by the Mad Tea Party:

Mad Tea Party

Goofy is in a Planter box by the entrance to the lockers on Main Street:

Main Street Lockers

Daisy is hiding on one of the balconies above the Club 33 door in New Orleans Square:

New Orleans Square

Pluto is taking a bath in a fountain just outside the Haunted Mansion and the New Orleans Train Station:

Haunted Mansion

Dale is on the roof of Tropical Imports near the Jungle Cruise:

Jungle Cruise

Mickey is in a window display for one of the candy shops on Main Street

Main Street

Chip is beside the Rancho Del Zocalo sign in Adventureland

Rancho Zocalo

Minnie is inside the Fortuosity Shop on Main Street:

Fortuosity Shop

The Egg-Hunt ends today – Easter Sunday – so if you’re planning to do this, I’d hop to it! (Sorry I couldn’t resist), or make plans to do it next year.

 Happy Easter!


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