Cars Land officially opened its doors on June 15, 2012, but a lucky few got a chance to experience it before it opened to the public. Being an avid Disneyland fan, I’ve looked at almost every photo that was put up on the internet on Cars Land before I had my chance to attend a preview. I must say, the pictures I saw and these pictures that you’re about to see, do not do it any justice. You will not believe your eyes when you experience Cars Land for yourself. The amount of detail on the massive rock formations all the way down to the plants made out of car tail lights transport you right into the movie. I was immersed deeper and deeper in the story that the Imagineers were telling with every step I took down Route 66. Here’s just one of the signs greeting guests as they enter Radiator Springs. The detail is just amazing!

There are three entrances into Cars Land: The main entrance by the winery which takes you down Route 66, A side entrance by Bugs Land, and the entrance by the Pacific Wharf area. Out of these three, I would definitely recommend the entrance by the Pacific Wharf. It really is quite a sight. When I entered Cars Land from that area, I took several pictures with every step I took.

It’s real easy to forget that you are in a theme park in Anaheim, California just by looking at these pictures

Walking through here alone can be a great experience unto itself, but there are also 3 food stops, 3 shops, and 3 attractions to see!

Here’s a view of Route 66 as you enter from the Winery:

To your right is Fillmore’s Taste-In. It’s a glorified fruit cart and that sells more healthy food options, so it’s a great alternative for guests trying to watch what they eat.

Across From Fillmore’s is Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree. It looks like something just for kids, but I enjoyed it a lot. Don’t miss this one! Mater sings songs and that alone is worth waiting in line for =)

The first place you’ll have a chance to spend some money is Sarge’s Surplus Hut. This place focuses more on toys for the little ones. Here’s a picture of the exterior:

Your next stop along the Route is the Cozy Cone Motel. Each cone serves a specific type of food ranging from churro bites, chilli, and ice cream, so make sure you’re in the right line. With 5 different cones and plenty of hungry guests, the lines may get cone-fusing 😉

The next store is Radiator Springs Curios. This location focuses on Trading Pins and Vinylmations:

So much detail on the exterior!

The only restaurant in Radiator Springs is Flo’s V8 Cafe, serving bigger entrees like pot roast. (Ignore the umbrellas, they were there just for Media Day)

Not a bad view, huh?

Then there is Ramone’s House of Body Art, which primarilly sells clothes:

Next stop is Luigi’s Flying Tires based on the old Flying Saucer ride in Disneyland:

Again, you can’t help but admire the detail that went into creating this place! The mountain range in the back is not as far or as tall as it seems, but with some visual magic, the Imagineers make you feel like these massive rock structures miles away!

Here’s a statue of Stanley, the founder of Radiator Springs:

And of course, there is the Main Event: Radiator Springs Racers! The wait times since opening day have been as much as 6 hours but the queue has plenty of details to keep guests occupied.

One of the highlights of the outdoor portion is getting up close to this beautiful waterfall:

Here are Luigi and Guido cheering you on right before your race:

Radiator Springs Racers has two distinct parts to it: the slow portion where you drive through Radiator Springs, and the Race portion, where you go up against another car as you speed through the desert. Both parts can probably stand alone as their own attraction, but when you put them together, it may well be the best thing that the Disneyland Resort has to offer. Thanks again for stopping by and check back often! There are a lot more pictures coming!


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