Sooooooo…I don’t like getting on water rides. Because I don’t like getting wet [shrugs]. I know! I know! It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense- but I feel very strongly about it.

Then one day, I’m reading a thread on MiceChat about what the ‘storyline’ for Splash Mountain is, and I’m reading all the replies and thinking ‘…I don’t even remember what this ride looks or sounds like!’, and then I realize that I haven’t been on it since shortly after it opened in 1989.


So I decide to start to think about maybe possibly riding someday. Perhaps. Maybe. In the future. And I ask my HoJo Anaheim Facebook friends for tips on how to avoid getting wet.

Expert Tips

  1. Sit in the middle/back
  2. Pick your feet up
  3. Lean to right
  4. Duck
  5. Wear a poncho
  6. Wear goggles
  7. Wear flip flops
  8. Roll your pants up
  9. Wear a showercap [we curly girls have got to protect our temperamental locks!]

And they were all such great suggestions- that I decided to take all of them. At once.

Can you guess which one is me?

Can you guess which one is me?

So yes- I’m a flying banana, but I’m a DRY flying banana! 😉

Have a great weekend, everybody! I’ll see you in the Parks!

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