Glow ears were not given out this time unlike the previous Glow With The Show event. I was going to justify this move by saying that those glow ears can add up in price, but Disney would be giving the ears to the same Annual Passholders that renewed despite the 30% price hike. 🙂  Another thing that was different was that it was only held one time and it was on a Tuesday night. The previous event was spread throughout three days and included the weekend. Complaining aside, Disney could have just as easily announced that the ears will work with this show and not hold an exclusive event, so with that I am still thankful. 🙂

Here are some of the food offerings for the night:

This was only offered at the Blue Bayou so I couldn’t get a picture of it, but reading the description alone makes me hungry already!

The event started at 11:30PM, but you had to arrive early to get a decent spot. The concrete was extremely hot, making the wait unpleasant, but we did get a nice view of the fireworks from the Rivers of America. They also play the show music through the speakers out here, so it’s worth a look if you haven’t seen it from this side before:

Here are some views of the crowd before the show looking from the Haunted Mansion side of the River:

This shot is from the opposite side by Big Thunder Mountain:

I was secretly hoping that every single person would have their ears with them, but there were a handful of people there that didn’t have them or forgot them. In addition, the audience for Fantasmic is not as large as World of Color’s so already the number of ears in the audience was considerably less. Here is a shot of the audience right before the lights were turned down:

Despite all my skepticism, the show still delivered. The Glow Ears are meant to be an enhancement to the show, and they did that perfectly, flashing on and off only at certain parts of the show.

The ears were still lit up after the show was over giving the passholders a view of all the ears working, just in case they couldn’t see it during the show:

Overall, I thought the ears were a nice addition to the show. It also gives the people that are seated towards the back something nice to look at in addition to the show itself. Hopefully adding more shows that are enhanced with these Glow With the Show ears will add to their popularity and in turn, more of the audience will have them at each performance. It truly is a sight to see when every single person in the audience has these ears, and I hope you all get to experience it on your next visit!

See you next time!

Glowin’ Tommy

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