In the lobby of the Opera House is a small display of Disneyland history. History was not my favorite subject in school, but if it’s Disney, I’m all for it! They have a scale model of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and Splash Mountain on display, as well as idea boards that show how some lands in the park came about.

They also have a display of the original ticket books that were used before the current ticket system took place. What I love about this display in particular is that moment when kids ask the adults what those books were used for. All of a sudden, stories start pouring out from the adults, and the kids realize that the adults are just kids at heart too (cue the awwww sound).

There are several other things that I didn’t take a picture of so you can enjoy it for yourself the next time you enter the parks, including a model of the entire park when it opened, and an actual park bench that Walt Disney sat on when he was inspired to make Disneyland.

Hope to see you at the parks soon!

Tommy “Honest Abe” Lincoln 😉

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