This metal tag was used from opening day in 1955 through the early 1960s. This was the most common tag and was worn by all hourly workers.

Disneyland Nametag 2

This is how the tags looked from the early 1960s through the late 1970s. There were varying colors but the longer oval – including Sleeping Beauty’s castle – became the norm.

Disneyland Nametag 3

This tag is from 1970s, continuing with the longer oval shape and Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

Disneyland Nametag 4

In the late 1970s through early 1980s the tags changed again. Now a wider oval allowing – we think – for more printable space for easier readability.

Disneyland Nametag 5

Beginning in the early/mid 1980s we see the familiar “bump” on the top of the oval appear which remains to this day, (a throwback to the original shape of the first metal badge with the logo riveted to the top). This allows plenty of space for the cast member’s name, while giving extra space above for logo placement.

Disneyland Nametag 6

Embellishments and logo changes continued but utilizing the same shape. Here is a tag from the newly formed Disneyland Resort from 2001.

Disneyland Nametag 7

Currently you’ll see the same familiar form with the castle, the park name and the marketing message (this is from the last marketing message prior to Limited Time Magic).

Disneyland Nametag 8

DID YOU KNOW: Howard Johnson Anaheim Hotel and Water Playground was the first hotel outside of Disneyland to mimic the oval name badge? Since we are an original neighbor to Disneyland and one of the only remaining historical hotels, we thought it would be a wonderful homage. Featuring a logo with our original orange, pitched-roof HoJo Restaurant our tradition began in the late 1980s and only recently changed to an all black tag.

Hojo Nametag

We hope you have enjoyed this little walk down memory lane. Since our beloved Howard Johnson is turning 50 next year, we take our area history VERY seriously. Look for more history related posts!

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