We’re planning on removing the trees that directly obscure the Disney Views, and leaving [but trimming back!] the trees the ones that don’t. This will leave about four trees directly in front of the Tower Building. I’m very keen on this idea for a lot of reasons!

1. The trees were planted by our owner and his father when the property was first built almost 50 years ago, and we are all pretty sentimental about them. It’s really nice to know that at least a few of them will remain and continue to grow alongside the hotel as they have since the beginning!
2. The ‘offending trees’ will be removed and those that pay for a great Premium Disney View Room will be able to get that great view!
3. The architecture of the five original buildings and the Lobby are really beautiful! William Pereira was truly a master, and with fewer trees crowding the top of Building 1, that architecture will get a chance to be shown off and highlighted the way that he intended for it to be.

Here is a picture of how we expect it to look once the trees have been removed:

I spy Disneyland!

The plan is to take the trees down after the Winter Holidays are over. There is not a set date yet, but as soon as I get one, I will let you guys know!

Thanks again for all of your patience and feedback! We couldn’t do this without you!

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