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First of all, congratulations to all the runners who participated in this last weekend’s Disneyland Half Marathon events! It was great seeing medals being worn so proudly all around town. My wife and I got to participate in the 1/2 marathon and it was definitely something we will never forget.

The weekend started off with the Health and Fitness Expo where runners picked up their race bibs and got to stock up on all sorts of supplies from headbands to compression socks. As a 1/2 marathon newbie, it was also a great resource for all of our running questions. Continue reading


If you’re tired of not being in your vacation pictures with your family or if you happen to forget to bring the camera, Disney’s PhotoPass service is a great help. You can get your pictures taken by professionals, and their cameras are better than your smartphone! Although if you ask nicely they will take a picture using your phone too! :) PhotoPass photographers eliminate the need for asking strangers to take your picture, and they don’t mind (too much) if you ask them to take multiple shots.

How does this all work? I’m glad you asked! You can ask for a PhotoPass card from any of the Disneyland Photographers scattered around both parks.

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First of all, I would like to send a huge thank you to author Joe Cosgrove for organizing a signing event at Club 33 for his book, “Walt Dreamers Me“. I would also like to thank the great people in the MouseWait family for holding a raffle for some extra spots that allowed my wife and me to attend. For those that don’t know, Club 33 is an exclusive restaurant in New Orleans Square that is open only to club members and their guests.  The wait list to become a member is something like 15 years and needless to say it is quite expensive. I couldn’t believe that I finally could check this off my list! Continue reading


It seemed that Disney was just about to create the perfect storm of crowd-control nightmares when they announced their “Monstrous All-Nighter” for May 24th. Both parks were open from 6am to 6am on a holiday weekend, right before summer, while hosting a Grad Night. I can still vividly remember their previous 24-hour event and would not think that Disneyland would be crazy enough to do something like this again. I also didn’t think I would be crazy enough to go, but I was pleasantly surprised. Disney did a wonderful job managing the crowds. The parks were no busier than a regular Friday night, and closing down parts of DCA at night for the Grads worked like a charm. Hope you enjoy the pictures! Continue reading

MOUSE-ELLANEOUS: GUMBALL RALLY 2013 and Howard Johnson Anaheim Hotel and Water Playground teamed up again this year to host the main event of the year, the famous Gumball Rally. The Rally took place on May the 4th, and fittingly, the event was Star Wars themed since May 4th is known as the unofficial “Star Wars Day” among fans. To the uninitiated, the Gumball Rally is a race among groups of 2-4 people to ride as many attractions and answer as much trivia as possible; all in one day. This year, both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure were a part of the rally, so teams had twice as much ground to cover. Continue reading