Anaheim InnSider


Happy January to all of our devoted HoJo Anaheim fans, friends and family out there! We're starting off the new year with something special for all of you this month! It's a little like Disney's "Limited Time Magic", but our version will save you some money or offer some unique family benefits! Everyday in January, check out our Facebook page for great promotions that only last for 24-hours. You can book a room for any time during 2013 and get great deals like 50% off in our Gift Shop on your entire purchase, FREE nights, FREE Wyndham Rewards points, deep discounts, $10 off  all of your family's Disney Park Hopper tickets, gift cards, toys for the kids and LOTS of other goodies! You won't know what the deal is until that day, so check back often. But once the deal is closed, it's closed! Here's the link Happy new year and happy SAVING! Your HoJo Anaheim Team