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People were looking to the skies all over Southern California today as Space Shuttle Endeavour, (piggy-backed on a custom 747)  flew over numerous landmarks for its final mission. News channels were buzzing all morning with shots of people gathered at local schools, the Griffith Observatory, and Los Angeles International Airport where it eventually landed. As it got closer to flyover time, the crowds got significantly larger. I had the unique opportunity to snap some pictures from the rooftop of our hotel, so I hope you guys enjoy it! I took some rooftop shots before the shuttle flew over: We weren't the only ones with this bright idea: And apparently nobody was working downstairs 😉 Here is our very first glimpse of Endeavour as it flew over: Everyone on the roof was just speechless. It was a pretty surreal moment seeing it fly so low: We pointed our famous MatterCam over the Disneyland skies and we heard people got to see it fly by! Thanks MatterCam! 🙂 That's it for now. Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we did! Tommy