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Mechanical Kingdoms With all the refurbishments at the Parks during this season, it's nice to see something new. While it's not an attraction by any stretch, The Disney Gallery constantly updates its displays to give guests something different to see. Their newest display focuses on Steampunk-inspired props and artwork. Here is an excerpt from the gallery describing the exhibit:
"Steampunk, a subgenre of science fiction loosely built around retro-futuristic visions of a steam-powered society, has been gaining (pardon the pun) steam over the past several years. The movement, which is expressed culturally and stylistically in everything from technology and design to music and fashion, was dubbed steampunk in the late 1980s. Though certainly not part of the 'steampunk' wave (at least not consciously), Walt Disney Imagineers have been creating their own visions and versions of retro-futuristic technologies since well before that time, incorporating them into Disney parks and attractions around the world."
The influences of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells are evident throughout the gallery: Artwork (6) Artwork (9) Artwork (10) Artwork (8) Artwork (7) Artwork (13) Artwork (14) Artwork (5) Artwork (4) Artwork (3) Artwork (2) The Imagineers also created some steampunk-inspired artwork of familiar Disney characters and attractions: Artwork (12) Artwork (11) The experience won't be complete unless there's one last element of course: Merchandise! 😉 Here are some of the figures available: Merchandise (5) Merchandise (4) Merchandise (3) Merchandise (2) Hope you enjoyed the pictures! See you next time!   Your friendly Disneyland neighborhood blogger, Tommy Visiting Disneyland and want the perfect hotel for your family? Look no further than TripAdvisor's #1 Anaheim Hotel for Families, the Howard Johnson Hotel and Water Playground! FIVE time award winner in the category "Best Large Hotels & Resorts for Families in the United States"