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Hello again!  The always-changing Blue Sky Cellar has something new for you all.  I still remember the day I was writing about the closing of Carnation Plaza Gardens, and now we are weeks away from revealing what will take its place.  The Fantasy Faire is set to open it's doors March 12, and I got the chance to take some photos of the preview center at the Blue Sky Cellar.  Enjoy! The imagineering process is broken down, and the guests are taken through the creative process.  Step 1 is Research.  They have some great vintage photos on this board from when the park opened in 1955.  It's amazing to see how much the park has changed since then! Step 2 is the Blue Sky process, where the imagineers share all the ideas they have without limitations to see what the possibilities for their new project might be: Next comes the Concept.  The ideas are narrowed down, and the vision becomes a little bit clearer. Then there is Feasibility.  It's almost like a reality check of sorts.  Ideas get even more refined and polished as they are nearing the final stages.  There is so much attention to detail that goes on throughout the whole process, it's really fascinating to see how it all comes together when it's finished. Finally, Step 5 is Implementation.  Since Disneyland is always changing, attractions are always replaced.  One nice thing that the Imagineers do is they pay homage to what was there before, like the Eeyore parking lot sign in the queue of the Indiana Jones attraction.  From what this board suggests, there will be a medallion on a tower that will pay tribute to the Carnation Plaza Gardens. Here is a Sample wall that was used to determine the look and finish of the facades There is also a scale model of what the Fantasy Faire will look like once completed Finally here's a picture of the actual Fantasy Faire under construction: That's it for today folks!  Thanks for stopping by! Tommy