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RETRO DISNEYLAND HISTORY Remember the Viewliner? Very few do! This narrow-gauge, miniature train ran along parts of the Disneyland Railroad main line and made loops through Tomorrowland and Fantasyland. It only ran from mid 1957 to late 1958 when construction began for the Matterhorn and the Submarine Voyage. It was billed as both the "fastest miniature train in the world" and - now - also as one of the shortest-lived attractions in Disneyland's history! The Disneyland Monorail System took its place in 1959. 164278_509135322479175_2120961895_n 60646_509135222479185_183348468_n 905814_509135252479182_967450180_o 904542_509135389145835_1288979514_o 904674_509135305812510_1172183609_o 901760_509135245812516_273161359_o 891838_509135402479167_1224115008_o The Howard Johnson Anaheim Hotel and Water Playground opened its doors across from the new Matterhorn attraction in July of 1965, and we're still going strong. Are you visiting Disneyland and want the perfect family hotel that's closer to the theme parks than TWO of Disney's own hotels? Look no further than the TripAdvisor fan favorite, the Howard Johnson Hotel and Water Playground! FIVE time award winner in the category "Top 25 Hotels for Families in the United States".