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558016_571495886243118_706788380_n RETRO DISNEYLAND HISTORY On August 27 1955, The Mickey Mouse Club Theater officially opened to the public in Disneyland near the famous tea cups and King Arthur Carrousel. 996567_571495932909780_12555317_n Air-conditioned and home to the "3D Jamboree" color film, the theatre would be the one place in Fantasyland you could see the "fab five" characters. 1006072_571495916243115_1231934882_n 1230035_571495982909775_1955698948_n The Mickey Mouse Club Theater changed its name to Fantasyland Theater in 1964 and remained open until 1982: 1176179_571495972909776_1142237405_n You can see how the Medieval Tournament theme of the original Fantasyland at opening morphed into today's European fairytale village: 1147659_571495832909790_110422035_o Today, the space is used for Pinocchio's Daring Journey: 1276996_571495902909783_487265874_o Across the street, the original Howard Johnson Hotel was underway in 1964. The HoJo opened in 1965 just a few months after the renaming of the Fantasyland Theater. Now looming east of Tomorrowland was the gleaming new Howard Johnson tower by architect William L. Pereiera. Since the trees were not very tall in those days, HoJo guests could view a good portion of Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and other area's of Walt's park. 1237745_571495856243121_1160078627_n   Are you visiting Disneyland and want the perfect family hotel that's closer to the theme parks than TWO of Disney's own hotels? Look no further than the TripAdvisor fan favorite, the Howard Johnson Hotel and Water Playground! FIVE time award winner in the category "Top 25 Hotels for Families in the United States".