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Whoa, did anyone else just see that???

Hey everyone! Time for another blog entry with your resident Disney fanatic and HoJo family member.

Timmy in Alice-land?

Since it’s Halloween Time at the parks, it seemed fitting for this entry to be dedicated to something a little more spooky. Let me first say up front that I have not personally experienced these events and that the views expressed in this article are a matter of opinion and in no way reflect the views of Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel. 🙂 Now that we got that out of the way, there are plenty of Disneyland ghost stories and videos out there, but we will focus on one in particular. One you may not have heard about before. This ghost, supposedly a 10 year-old boy named Timmy, haunts the Alice in Wonderland ride in Fantasyland. Searching through the thousands of posts on the Mousewait Lounge, I came across two people who seemed to have the closest encounter with this ghost to my knowledge. Their names have been changed to protect their identity (Cue the Law & Order sound effect). Mark has had a fascination with paranormal activity since childhood, and knows about several of the ghost stories regarding Disneyland. As far as Timmy is concerned, Mark had mentioned to me that he has tried to make contact numerous times while on the Alice in Wonderland ride. “While I have never personally seen Timmy, I have attempted to make contact numerous times on Alice in Wonderland during late night rides. I have taken hundreds, if not thousands of pictures, and had many of the Tulgey Woods parts of my picture never appear or show up pitch black. I have also felt extreme sadness (while in that area)“.

Tulgey Wood

Jamie, a Disney cast member, has also had an encounter with Timmy earlier this month: “The first time we rode it (my friend) was gonna tell me what room he was in, but I didn't want her to tell me until after the ride to see if I felt anything. I did! As soon as we entered Tulgey Wood I felt really worried and kind of sad.” She took some pictures but, after several failed attempts of uploading them online, deleted them. “I guess it was a sign that something, or someone did not want those pictures uploaded, so I just deleted them out of respect - not to mention I was genuinely freaked out!” Well, I had to go see for myself what this was all about so I decided to ride Alice in night. I must say if Timmy does exist, he might have been shy that night because I didn’t feel or see anything unusual. But I was told if you yell out his name, he may show up. Good luck and happy hunting! BOO, Tommy